Article and Photography by Rachel Leah Gerson

This month’s full moon falls tomorrow (12 Jan 17) in Cancer, right after today’s lovely portal day of 11/1, bringing us into a state of emotional cleansing and release to expand the feelings of freshness this new year has brought on- not a bad way to kick it off, eh? We can emerge into the rest of our year refreshed and renewed, feeling much like you just got out of the shower and took a deep breath of the steam that lingers in the bathroom. And as the moon’s fullness passes, that sigh out of that steam can follow, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, leaving the past behind and the new you and the new adventures of the year standing in the mirror in front of you, and leaving you ready to embark on your next life “assignment”.

However, because Universe would not be Universe if it made everything easy, the full moon will make up the fourth point of what is astrologically known as the “Grand Cross”. The Grand Cross is formed when 4 or more planets and/or the sun and moon are directly across from one another in a position that forms a cross. This is one of the rarer star formations to occur in our night sky, and it adds an interesting load of energy to this month’s full moon.

The four opposing planets this time are the sun and moon forming one line of the cross, (since the moon is full, it is naturally going to be opposite the sun) and Jupiter and Uranus will form the other. As I mentioned above, we are used to the sun and moon opposing each other- it happens once a month when the moon is full. To have this coincide with the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, however, and with all four objects in different signs is extremely rare and will result in an effect of alignment vs. tension.

The first point of the cross is the sun- our personalities. Thankfully, the sun is in the more grounded sign of Capricorn, and this will probably be the lesser of shadows that arises out of this astrological masterpiece, but, of course, that will vary person-to-person. The piece that we want to make sure of is that our egos are in-check throughout this time, and it is quite likely that they will be tested.

Because Jupiter is in charge of finance and business sector, where Uranus heads up the general idea of “progression” (more specifically in the areas of technology, personal and communal advance, discovery, invention, etc.), there is likely to be a big push-pull feeling surrounding whether or not you want to move forward in your business, job, career, etc., or in regards to your feelings about money: giving it, receiving it, asking for it, pricing, budgeting, etc. There could also be a push-pull in moving forward in business, in general- “Which career path am I going to choose next? Do I even want to move jobs?” Or, if you’re staying in your job, “Why am I here? What is my next step? Do I really want to take the next step that I’ve planned?”

Then, because the moon (which rules emotions) is right in between these two planets (forming the 3rd point of the cross), it can be a very emotionally intense decision making process. And oh- but of COURSE this would all happen when the moon is in the most sensitive of all of the signs. Check in with yourself to make sure that you are not getting too emotionally overwhelmed (especially if you have your sun, moon, or ascendant in Cancer- this is likely to affect you a bit more than others). Also keep in mind that if you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed by a business decision (or anything else, really), that it will pass; you will get through it!

To make things more interesting, Pluto will be at 20 degrees of Aries, the moon at 22 degrees of Cancer, the sun at 22 degrees of Capricorn, and Jupiter will be at 22 degrees of Libra, meaning that these aspects are well-into the transit of the signs they are occupying, letting these energies fully seep into us- heightened and intense! I also had to laugh at the fact that three of the four aspects are at 22 degrees transit of their signs- gotta love Universe and his antics! 22 is also the Master number for business gurus, which that business bit even more of a focal point. Master Numbers also sometimes bring about more or bigger lessons for us than other numbers might.

Another potent piece of information is the fact that it forms a cross. While, yes, within the cross there is the actual act of two lines (four aspects) “crossing” each other, signifying dissonance, there are also different ways of looking at it. The number 4- like the 4 points on a cross- is the number of balance. So though there might be dissonance, there is a balance in the energy that it is born within that dissonance. There is a groundedness to any fears, anxieties, or frustrations that might be felt during this time. In addition, the number 4 is of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, which is mimicked in the alignment of any Grand Cross, with ours specifically carrying the Sun in Earth (Capricorn), Jupiter in Air (Libra), Uranus in Fire (Aries), and the Moon in Water (Cancer).

Lastly, the image of the cross in Paganism and in Christianity symbolise love, trust, and faith. So even though some hardships- or “differences”, as I’ve been calling them- might present themselves to you in this time, remember that they are being presented to you with love, trust, and with a faith that you will get through it. Perhaps it would be helpful to have that same love, trust, and faith back towards our dearest Cross. The Grand Cross also resembles the letter X, which also happens to be the same image as the Runic symbol Gyfu, which translates to “Gift”. This is such an Important Reminder:


Every lesson that we receive- no matter how harsh, how painful, how scary- is ALWAYS a gift. Yes, every. Single. One.


Enjoy this Grand Cross and all of the Gifts it may bring. Happy first Full Moon of the New 2017 Year! I hope that it is as fruitful for you as it has been for me thus far- creativity and self-care have been through the roof!


So, so, so much love,


xx RLG ❤


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