Article and Photography by Rachel Leah Gerson at Doorway to Self

The mighty roar of Leo will be softened this full moon, and we might expect more of a cuddle from mama lioness rather than the call to show off our manes from papa lion.

That is because a penumbral lunar eclipse– when the earth’s outer shadow blocks the rays of the sun from hitting parts of the moon, making the moon look a little darker than usual- will bring a bit of shade to this full moon. And, with it still being early on in this “1” year (read more about what that means, here), our baby Magician selves might be craving and welcoming of some coddling.

Mama Leo-ness is here to do just that; to comfort us; to show us the love that dwells in our shade. The latter part of 2016 held space for us as a society to shed lots of skin and delve deep into the shadows. And while it held space for us to do the work, it did it very quickly in a short span of time without the additional time and space to be able to process it all.

This full moon on Friday 10 February will provide us with the opportunity to reflect and do some of the processing that we were not able to complete before. Perhaps the processing will bring with it a lot of gratitude, and maybe even a bought of sadness, and that is okay. You are allowed to feel sadness that comes with processing the loss or anger or fear or resentment or anxiety that you may have experienced during the last few months of last year.

It is really like a slow clearing out of an old closet: ridding yourself of things, but spending some last minutes understanding why these items were in your life and how they served you, mourning each item, and showing gratitude for all that the item has brought you in life, or how it has changed you, before delicately placing them in the discard bag.

Hold yourself through this, and allow others to hold you through this, as well!

This moon might also be a great time to gather with close friends or family for a chill-out evening by the fire in your sweatpants or pajamas. Just a general comforting, hanging out, and being in the presence of loved ones.

While the pique of the eclipse will be at 7:43 pm EST, there is also another major event to follow:

Comet 45 will be closest to the earth and visible (with binoculars or a telescope) in the east in the constellation of Hercules on Saturday at 3am EST, according to NASA. They say to “Watch for a bright blue-green ‘head’ with a tail” (USA Today,

So what does this mean? Comets are a combination of all of the elements: ice (water), the fire from the sun, debris (earth), and gasses (air), which makes them especially powerful balls of energy! It is said that comets can be helpful in aiding in the release of emotions, as well as the release of a collective fear.

The latter bit of that could prove quite helpful for those of us on this earth at the moment, especially those of us paying attention to politics or global trade. But the comet, overall, will serve as a strong emphasis on the release that this moon and lunar eclipse will provide us with.

And, of course, this comet will be passing through on 11 February, 11 being the portal number, representing the doorway between this earthly plane and the astral one. Basically, this is another added energy to be able to fully clean and clear everything out that you need to in every dimension! It will present a platform in which you will be able to see your life from many different perspectives, and look fondly back on any struggles you may have had to work through in the last 6 months.

So that’s all, my lovelies! Enjoy your lunar release, gratitude, and comfort. Much love and psychic snuggles!


xx D2S ❤


2 thoughts on “Full Moon February 2017: Leo, Penumbral Eclipse, and Comet 45

  1. I love this piece, not least because I’m working hard to go through my closet and cleanse my material life this month. Thanks for the words of wisdom! xoxo ❤

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