Written by Rachel Leah Gerson for Doorway to Self

Photography by Rachel Leah Gerson taken in Indian Wells, California, at Mt.Eisenhower.


I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve really been feeling this one build. Starting at about the half moon, I was already feeling the pull of the magic to come when full. I knew I needed to write this article today, though- the Virgo energy is already strong, and the moon doesn’t enter the sign for another few hours. I’ve been feeling a pull straight from my chest every time I see the moon, like she’s calling my heart to her.

Okay, so maybe that sounds fake and cheesy and half of you checked out at that sentence, but that’s just the way I’ve been feeling the last few days. I’ve caught myself looking into puddles of water at her reflection, or holding up wet palms to see her sheen on my skin, making me glow and see myself as divinity.  

There are two very distinct but intertwined energies at hand with this Virgo moon. The first is everything that I’ve been describing- an empowering of the Self, a delving into our inner power as individuals, and an understanding of the divine in the individuals surrounding us. We- men, women, and everyone in between- are powerful. We have abilities within us that are unfathomable, and we are beginning to realise our potentials as individuals and as a whole.

This is a time to go within, find your power, and burst outwards! It is a time for practise runs of unleashing of our truest, boldest, most inspired Selves, or even a time to quit the “practising” part and just shine the way you have been wanting to. If you are looking for permission to give the gift- to yourself and to others- of your authenticity, this year’s Virgo full moon is it!

It is also a time to recognise the power in others when they let their authentic selves shine, even if there’s only a glimpse of it glimmering in the moonlight. Our brightest selves shine when we let others shine, too, especially when all involved are being truly authentic to themselves and to the world around them.

The second part of the Virgo energy is the drive it instils within us. Virgo is very much about planning things out, discovering the best tactics for great return, and getting things done. So why is it that I say that these two energies- this one and the one of grasping your inner power and letting your authenticity lead the way- work so well together?

Well, most of the time, we work on ourselves and find our authenticity and our inner power and yada yada yada and we get excited about it and then we’re like, “What the hell am I supposed to do with this?” And then we get scared and the fear impairs our empowerment and we discontinue to be authentic because it’s scary and what if other people don’t accept me and what if they judge me and what if I fail and and and and!!

So… what happens is that you have the energy from the moon to help you grasp the gold inside of yourself and mine it, and then the inevitable “What the hell do I do with this” question appears, and that other energy bursts into you and the drive fills you and you’re like, “Okay. Here’s my plan.” And even if you don’t have an actual concrete plan, you’ll feel as though you do because the energy will leave you feeling solid like you do. So what happens then is that you feel confident in your confidence; you don’t fear it and you don’t get anxious. You just. Feel. Strong. And then you spread that energy outwards to others, and they know it’s okay to be themselves around you, too.

This moon will leave you feeling strong, yet peaceful in your strength. 

The Virgo air will be at your back giving you the strength and sparking your passion enough to let yourself soar.

            Take this time to notice yourself- how beautiful you are, inside and out. How courageous you are. How sensitive you are. How much serious power you have inside of you that you can use to alchemise your life. The winds of change are upon you, and you have full control over yourself and your life.

To turn a negative into a positive. To focus on bettering yourself rather than others. To conquer your fears instead of involving yourself in unnecessary dramas that you are using to distract you from facing those fears. To help others see the power within them. And to treat yourself- and love yourself- the way that you would like others to treat you. And to then treat them the same way.  

            Everyone has the potential to be silhouetted in silver- all they have to do is step into the moonlight.

Sending you so much love as always,

xx D2S ❤


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