Photography and Article by Rachel Leah Gerson at Doorway to Self


A lot of people have described the intensity building over the last month or so. And there has been a lot. I feel that this moon is the pinnacle of it, really. The culmination. And also the catalyst for what is to come. We are only in the baby stages of this Saturn retrograde cycle, which I only touched upon in the last article (here).

Saturn is all about facing your deepest and harshest shadows. It went retrograde about a month ago, and will go direct again in mid-August. For those of us who are not experiencing Saturn Return right now (an article about this soon to come), this has been, and will continue to be, a period of time in which we will be staring ourselves in the mirror pretty hardcore. When we look, the love is still in our eyes shining back brightly at us, but we can also see all of our deepest pains, regrets, and consequences.

The lessons that we may have thought we learned, before, are coming to seek us out again, just to make sure we really “got it”.

So what does this have to do with this Scorpio full moon? Well… Scorpio is the sign that takes things to the deepest depths. The core of mystery brought to experience. The core of shadows come to surface.

Water, water, water.

Water is light on the surface, and as we plunge deeper deeper down, the meditation becomes more colourful until we descend into its muted blues.

Psychically, it’s easier to “see” in the darkness. So we draw from the astral plane. We see ourselves from the outside in. And we delve into the parts we see need working on.

This is intense, folks. But if you hit it head-on, if you really face yourself and dive into your emotions and the way in which you communicate with others and the way it all feels in your body and the way that you… feel, in general, you will be just. fine. Especially if you do it with self-compassion, knowing that it is okay to be “imperfect”- that is what makes you perfect. It is okay to have darkness within you. To have things that you are ashamed of or even just less than proud of. That is what makes you human. Hold yourself through this, darlings. Facing yourself is the key to transcendence. Facing yourself is the key to growth. How can we grow what we cannot see?

This Scorpio moon will help to hold the mirror up for us to swim through during this period of Saturn retrograde. It’s that extra boost of energy to be able to go within and make a plan to sort through what we need to sort through.

Happy swimming. Happy growing. Happy shadows.

All of my love to you and more,

xx D2S ❤


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