Article and Photography by Rachel Leah Gerson at Doorway to Self

The moon moved into Sagittarius late last night where it will be tomorrow when the moon is full.

It just so happens that our lovely Saturn in retrograde is also in the sign of Sagittarius, which means that Saturn- which is testing our every whim, at the moment- is in the same sign as the full moon, which brings out the fullest sensitivity of our emotional bodies.

Expect to be triggered- the fire has been lit.

But don’t let that scare or deter you from living… Triggers are the gateway for growth. It is not until we understand our deepest fears and sensitivities- what makes us want to crawl away or fight, what makes us truly angry or disappointed in ourselves, what makes us sad and what makes us blame others for our own creation of circumstance- that we can truly learn ourselves.

Sag gifts us each bows and arrows to look our inner demons in the face shoot them with flaming arrows. We shoot in the dark, but when our flaming arrows hit our shadows- our trigger points, our demons- we light them aflame so that we can witness them- witness ourselves- in all of their messy glory.

This is the opportunity in which we can fully see ourselves. And I mean fully. All of the shame, doubt, depression, the things we deprive ourselves of, self-loathing, absence of love, full-blown hate, hurt, childhood wounds, adulthood wounds, shortcomings, “faults”- all of it. Because how would we appreciate the light without having experienced the darkest parts of ourselves?

Doorway to Self is challenging you, today!

Part A: Look at one thing (emotion, behaviour, etc.) that has been coming up for you, lately, that you truly dislike about yourself or about your life or about the way in which other people are interacting with you, and be completely honest with yourself about it. What do you really feel about this aspect? Have you uncovered your true feelings about it, or have you been attributing it to something else that is more complicated or petty?

Maybe you never felt truly “seen” as a child, and so it triggers you when you receive judgements from others, now, even if you may feel more accepted. Or maybe you were always told that you were “too much”, and now you feel like you need to be passive in most situations, which has been triggering feelings of anger and frustration at not being able to fully show up in the way that you would like to, or at not being accepted as your full, beautiful Self. The point is, dig deep. Sometimes we make things much more complicated by ignoring the root of the concern.

Part B: Sit with that feeling or new understanding. How does it feel in your body? In your soul? In your mind?

Part C: Let stuff come up! Cry! Scream! Yell! Shake your fists! Wrap your arms around yourself in fits of laughter! Give yourself the gift of completely surrendering to yourself. Move with your body. Move with your spirit. Move with your voice. What is it that you need to do to move into the full expression of this emotion; to truly feel it; to fully acknowledge it.

Part D: Make a commitment to yourself to be mindful of this trigger or emotion or reaction (or whatever it is you choose) in your daily life.

Part E: Make a plan of action to be able to transmute and transform through this.

Part F: Feel free to be witnessed in sharing your experiences! With friends or family, with yourself over video or in your journal, over voice memos or talking to yourself in the shower. If you have a really beautiful go at this and want to be witnessed in your story, Doorway to Self will publish the written version on the blog. You can send it in to

My biggest hope for humanity is that we can work as individuals to expand through our deepest perceived downfalls to be able to grow within ourselves- bloom and thrive as individuals, come together as a people, change the world.

We have each been given a bow and flaming arrow. The choice is yours as to whether or not you want to shoot it.


As always, my love to you all on this Vibrant and Potent Full Moon!

xx D2S ❤


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