Doorway to Self LLC is a metaphysical practise created by Rachel Leah Gerson- guide, writer, and metaphysical practitioner- to be able to help you to find your highest self, your deepest answers, and a love and compassion for You.

It’s where you go to find your door, pull out your key, and unlock yourself.

While individual card readings, energy healing sessions, and more are provided, Doorway to Self is known for its Metaphysical Inner Guidance Sessions- the rough outline of a life coaching or counselling-like session infused with metaphysics! In other words, amidst the talking, listening, and processing, tools like card readings, numerology, astrology, energy healing, “diagnosis” of psychic abilities, and more are used to help you to bring answers to light in a way that they can be unlocked, seen, and grasped.

It’s time to find your key, match it to your door, and twist.