11 April 2017 Full Moon, End of Venus Retrograde, the Beginning of Saturn Retrograde, the Beginning of Mercury Retrograde, and Understanding Portal Days

11 April 2017 Full Moon, End of Venus Retrograde, the Beginning of Saturn Retrograde, the Beginning of Mercury Retrograde, and Understanding Portal Days

Article and Photography by Rachel Leah Gerson

The Bottom Line 

With Mercury, Saturn and Venus in retrograde at the same time, what we are doing is looking at our patterns, facing our lessons, facing our selves, questioning what we really want out of life, discarding things that are not serving us, and having to put forth more effort into communicating with each other. The full moon in Libra falling on the 11th will illuminate all of this and help to bring it to a pinnacle where you can really vacillate with freedom between your choices before collaborating with your higher self, your inner knowing, and any astral friends (or guides or whatever you might have helping you on the other side of the veil) to make any important judgments or decisions you might need to make in order to move forward in the most direct and pleasing way on your path.

Judgment is an important facet of the human experience. We are always taught not to judge, but it is innate in our beings- it is how we understand who we are, where we stand, and who we want to be. It is how we learn discernment as to who or what we want in our lives. Judgment is how we keep ourselves in check.

This month’s full moon falls in Libra, the sign of the scales. Of weighing things out. Of discernment. Of balance.

For many of us, there are a lot of things to weigh out, right now.


Venus Retrograde

So much potency has been in place in our sky, as of late. Venus went retrograde on 4 March, giving us the space to turn our lives inside out to really look at what it is that we truly want. What is it that sparks our passion? How are we feeling in relation to others? How do we jive (or not) with sexuality? Are we letting our creativity flow the way that we need it to? Is your current partner (if you have one) meeting your passions and encouraging you to come from the heart in pursuing those? Are you doing that for yourself?

I find that when Venus goes retrograde, it tends to flip my world upside down, a little bit… or right side up, depending on how you look at it. It’s like lifting up a rock and remembering all of this stuff is under it that you forgot was there, or maybe seed started to grow that you never even realised you planted.

It is a time of change, a time of reintroducing the love into your life in places that have not been fulfilled, and a time of weighing out what it is that you really, truly, want in your life. Venus retrograde is Universe’s way of putting you back into flow with yourself, with serendipity, and with Universe itself, and it is also a way of helping you to rid your life of what is no longer serving you.

Interestingly to our aspects, Venus went retrograde just before the March full moon in Virgo, and will end just after this full moon in Libra as it goes direct on the 15th.

So it began with a grounding sensation in virgin territory– in newness; an awakening- understanding the power within ourselves as energetic beings. It then flew through the spring equinox where many of us were awakened by the changing equilibrium of the sun and excited to explore growth in a way that was transformational, watching the flowers bloom beneath our feet as we moved forward.

It continued its beautiful work through the new moon in Aries, where our drive was really instilled and our feverous notions realised (I will touch more on this below), and then it was nudged to really put into motion things that would help to tie up loose ends when Saturn went retrograde on 6 April (also talked about below). To make matters more intense, Mercury has gone retrograde today, 9 April, and is causing people to spend a little bit more time and effort on communicating. Perhaps, for some people in romantic relationships or friendships that are hanging by a thread, that extra energy needed for clear communication might just be what takes a toll on the relationship and brings it to a closing.

And with that, Venus’s retrograde is now finishing up its last act- wrapping up our comprehension of what we want to keep in our lives, what we don’t, and what we might want more of- as we come to this day of the full moon on the 11th– a portal day (also to be touched on, later), where the consciousness of where we are at as individuals in relation to the rest of the world will be recognised and understood in a way that brings new clarity towards who we are, what brings us joy, and what is holding us back.


This Moon

I don’t know about you, but I have really been feeling such a surge of energy and such a build surrounding this moon, even when it was new in the sign of Aries. That Aries spark lit my fire, and I have witnessed this taking place over the last few weeks in the lives of others, as well. So our passions have been lit, and our drives put into gear. And I feel that this drive has never been put into park since the gas pedal was pushed- that is the energy propelling this full moon.

All of this exertion that hasn’t even felt taxing in most ways- it has been energising, actually!- is going to continue to push full force until the night of this full moon where it will just completely open and expand! Universe has really been working to open us up and push us forward these last few weeks.

Everything has just been building and building! This is such an interesting parallel to this past fall… I feel that this same energy was taking place around the end of October and into November, but in a much darker and heavier way. This time, I feel that we are truly emerging with the first blossoms, and happy not only to see the light, but to run with it and see where it goes. Who knows- maybe we all just look like cats after laser pointers right now… or, we could also be like moss, following the light to give ourselves, and others, direction.

Like I said, this moon falls in Libra on an 11 day, which also has the energy of a 2 (1+1=2). Balance and duality are really key, here, with this moon. And the energy of Libra’s air will help to connect you to your higher self, as well, to be able to make important decisions.


Saturn Retrograde

Saturn went retrograde last week on 6 April– yet another thing positioned in our atmosphere to help us to reflect and understand what is and is not working for us in our lives at this point in time. Saturn retrograde is another flipper-upside-down state of life. If you are going through your return (i.e. if you are around the age of 27-30, 54-60, or 81-90) then you will have a nice little break from all of the internal work you have been doing surrounding yourself and facing your lessons.

But if you are any age other than those mentioned, you will probably be put into situations that will test you to see if you have really learned past lessons or not. This will likely be the case until 25 August when it goes direct, again. This means that you will be forced to make decisions and to use your discernment, once again, to form judgments on where you are, what you are doing, and how you want to go about whatever situations you may find yourself in. Are you repeating unhealthy patterns? Are you finding yourself in the midst of another toxic relationship? Are you having to renegotiate boundaries with the people around you?

Hopefully the full moon will help, a little bit, with giving you balance through the beginning of this process. It will leave you with the lesson and the energy of weighing out your options so that you will know how to do that a little bit more easily through the course of this Saturn retrograde action.


Mercury Retrograde

 If you’re not familiar with Mercury retrograde, there is an article written that you can find, here, to learn more about it. Mercury goes retrograde, today, 9 April, making it extra important to pay attention to how we communicate, and, really, to just be mindful, in general- it is easy to have misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and technological malfunctions.

But if you really pay attention and put forth the effort to be extra communicative with the people in your life, it can actually be a very gratifying and beautiful span of time. Just remembering to be grateful (which is an essential practise whether Mercury is retrograde, or not) can really raise the ceiling and make it so that technological and communication break downs do not happen as often, or even, maybe, at all!


Portal Day, 11

Lastly, this full moon falls on a “portal” day of 11. 11’s are gateways to the astral world, to higher self, and to inner knowing. They open up the psychic world to make it more accessible to interact with, should you choose to (or even should you not, sometimes!). The full moon is generally a time of this, as well, as it sheds light on the veil between worlds and opens up our third eyes. To have the two in combination makes for some very extreme psychic energy, and the retrograde cycles add to that portal opening, as well, as it adds to us looking at things in many different lights and shades of colour.

This moon is really a potent one, and an important one. I am sending so much love to you to be able to push through this and get everything that you need out of it. Just remember that in any circumstance, you always have the choice to emerge a better person.

Love, as always,

Doorway to Self

xx D2S ❤



2017: What To Look Forward To, What it Means, and Important Astrological Events Calendar

2017: What To Look Forward To, What it Means, and Important Astrological Events Calendar

Article Written by Rachel Leah Gerson, Magician Tarot Card I from Le Tarot de Marseille

Wow! 2016 was, well, a “doosy”, to say the least. I’ll refrain from recapping all of the differences (or difficulties, however your prefer to look at it) that the planets and the sun and moon have thrown at us like the unorthodox American election season, strange world events like the Dakota Pipeline ordeal, and the rapidity of over-evolving technological advance- we all know what’s happened. What’s gone on. (Though if you aren’t familiar with the planet or election bit, you can click here to read about it..)

As I’ve explained in prior articles, 2016 is a 9 year (2+0+1+6= 9), which means that we have been in a year of endings. The potential ending of Great Britain being part of the EU, endings of many lives of those nearest and dearest to us, endings of countless relationships, of jobs, of careers, of marriages, endings of ignoring ourselves and our thoughts and needs and feelings, endings of politicians as US presidents and of shadows being left to hide in the darkness- everything has been brought to light. So, naturally, in a year of endings, most of us are probably feeling preeeeetty done with it- I know I am. So… the next big question is, what does 2017 hold in store for us?

Well, 2017 is a 1 year (2+0+1+7= 10, 1+0= 1). 1, as it sounds, is the very beginning. We can expect to start anew. In Tarot, the 1 in the Major Arcana (the first 22 cards of the tarot deck) is the Magician. He represents creation, working through and solving problems for the first time, experimentation, art, and creativity. Think of a baby at 1 year’s old: They problem solve. Everything is new for them. They crawl around- or even try to walk around- and explore absolutely everything! The image I get, specifically is of a baby putting its tiny little hand in the air and grabbing at it- exploring; feeling; wondering; maybe even creating. We are those babies right now. The world is that baby right now.

We have been running and running and stirring and stirring and gallivanting around aimlessly to get here and there and for what purpose we don’t know and on and on and on… like chickens with their heads cut off for the entirety of 2016. Think about it- billions of chickens running around with their heads cut off. From aerial view. If Martians exist, they were having a good laugh at us last year.

But this year (oof, it feels good to type that) will be different. This year we will be able to stop and breathe for a minute. Take things slow. Explore. Explore ourselves, the world, the people around us, our skills, our abilities, our appetites… Many of us who quit jobs this last year will be looking into our passions; looking into what sparks us; what feeds us; what we yearn for- our purpose. We will become explorers of our own universes on every level- on the level of the Self, of interpersonal relationships, of communities, of countries, of the world, of the galaxy, of Universe; of Spirit. We will be crawling on all fours, eyes wide in wonder, jaws dropped in the efforts of excursion and drooling in the eyes of Entity.

This last year of 2016 has given many of us a special appreciation for what we have. For the earth. for our bodies, for boundaries, for our own power as individuals. As Warriors of Life. After all of our perceived hardships, we are less likely to take things for granted than we are to be grateful. And so we enter 2017 looking in awe towards the beauty of it all. We have opened the doors to 2017 to find Magick like we have never found it before. Our appreciation will skyrocket. Every littlest tiniest thing will be reason to stop and say thank you. Will be reason to take the time to appreciate. Every simplest meekest thing that we might have upturned our nostrils at in years prior will be met with shiny-eyed wonder and feed us, in turn, with inspiration. This coming year is here to gather information so that we can build, but in a way that we can feel comfortable waiting to build it all later. Because this year will allot us the time and space to be able to Just. Be. And Do. And Explore. And Enjoy- with joy and gratitude.

We left so much of ourselves behind this year.

It is time to fill ourselves back up-

and we might as well

take the time

to slow



enjoy it

while we can;

while we’re at it.

While we are given the


and time

to feel invigorated.


Some people believe that the 1 year commences as soon as the clock strikes midnight on 1 January. Some people believe that it does not actually begin until the astrological new year starts on the first day of Aries, in April. Some believe that it’s a bit of both- it starts on the 1st but does not change with the simple tick of the clock. It starts, but has a four and a half month grace period to truly set in when Aries begins. I am of the last belief, but you can flow with whatever flows with you. If you are feeling the last way jives with you, then the slowing down theme will really be present in the next four months as we are wiggling through, trying to find our way into this new year and these new bodies. Trying to open our eyes for what it seems is the first time. Or trying to look through newly opened eyes. In these new selves; in this new spirit; in these transformed societies.


Other energies to expect this year:

While, yes, 2017 will be a much smoother ride than 2016 was, we will still be asked, by the planets, to consider our shadows and keep them in our peripheries. Just because we took the time to do the work this year does not mean that we can forget the work that we did or why we did it. The bumps will be evened out with bliss this time, though, so we definitely have a lot to look forward to!

It seems like most of the months in 2017 are pretty smooth sailing, but the ones that are a little nittier and grittier are very much nittier and gritter. There is a lot of work jam-packed in the months we are supposed to take an extra look at ourselves.


Smoothest months: January, May, June, July, September, October, November.

Months where we might be doing a tad more work: February, April, August, the first 3 weeks of December.


Important Astrological Events in 2017


  8: Mercury goes direct. Communication will become clearer and technology will become easier to use. Don’t forget to bring all of the lessons that Mercury taught you through this retrograde cycle along the way or Mercury will be sure to make you relearn it the next time he lags behind our sphere!

28: Mars enters Aries. This is important because Mars is “governed” by the sign of Aries. In other words, if there is conflict, the energy is definitely there to be able to “hash it out” when the need comes around. And because Mercury has gone direct at this point, communication should be in tip top shape- it’s a great seguey, really!



  6: Jupiter Retrograde until 9 June. Keep a tight eye on your check books- are they balanced? Are you making sure that you are keeping your bank account up to date and in check (no pun intended)? This is not a great time to make investments, nor is it a great time for thrifty spending.

10: Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Remember all of those eclipses from last year, and how they made you take a look at your shadows? Well, there are many of them again, this year. But this year they come in a “new light”, so-to-speak. This year it is more about facing your fears. Becoming the version of yourself that is so powerful and inter-connected to your highest self that you are afraid to reach up and grasp it because you are afraid of your own wonder. This is especially true for this Lunar eclipse in Leo. What boldness and ferocity are you afraid to see in yourself because it is just that awesome, and you cannot bring yourself to believe that you could, in fact, just be that great?

26: Full Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces. Solar Eclipses can only happen on a New Moon, so that part is nothing special or new- I was only noting it. The sun is fire, and Pisces in water. This eclipse will allow us to fully immerse ourselves in our emotions. To really float alongside them and exam them, or maybe even dive deep- just make sure not to stay too deep for too long. Remember that you need to come up for air, every once in a while!



4: Venus Retrograde until 15 April. Relationships come into question. Sexuality comes into question. Libido may fluctuate, or the relation of emotions and sex might become different.



6: Saturn Retrograde until 25 August. In these 4 and a half months that Saturn is retrograde you will be given the opportunity to reflect on your Highest Self- what is holding you back from reaching it, and what could you do to move that block? This goes back to the theme that this year of 2017 is seeming to hold: Exploring the spiritual Self and the Self in general, and working through the patterns to be able to determine how to reach your most authentic Self in your highest vibration. However, for those of you who might be in your Saturn return (more on this in an article to follow at some point in time), you will actually be given a break from all of your intense workings on this topic during this time. Enjoy these few months off, because once they are over it’s back to the spiritual exploration grind!

9: Mercury Retrograde until 3 May. Refer to these articles here and here for information on Mercury Retrograde. This will be the second one of four in the 2017 year, though this is the only one that will occur for the entire period while Saturn is also retrograde. It will lead more to a different outlook on communication with the Self- an intrapersonal communication- as opposed to different communication with others, unless the communication with other illuminates certain aspects of the Self that you might not otherwise want to peak into.

15: Venus goes Direct. Thankfully, a few days after Mercury begins its mayhem, Venus continues direct and pulls us through the rest of the year in newly found love within ourselves and with others, as well as a healthy sexual appetite and expression. Creativity might overtake you in the best way around the time that this takes place.

20: Pluto Retrograde until 28 September. Pluto rules generations. Pluto enters the next consecutive time every time that a new generation is born, staying in each sign for 14-30 years. When Pluto goes retrograde, it is possible for the generational gap to become even more noticeable. Or, perhaps, every generation will have its own task to face in growing closer to their Highest Selves. Or maybe both. We’ll see what happens!



3: Mercury goes Direct. We can experience some better communication with our wiser more understanding selves until August.



9: Jupiter goes Direct. If you have a little extra to spend and are eyeing that new TV set, this would be a much better time to purchase it than anytime from February until this point. As long as you kept your finances in check during that period, you should be golden to carry on!

16: Neptune Retrograde until 22 November. Perhaps you might be dealing with your guilt or conscious in this period of time. Your spiritual beliefs also might be challenged or flipped a little topsy turvy. It’s only a different view of things. I’m not sensing that it will be anything too challenging. Rather, it might be interesting and stimulating in a way that it really makes you stop and think- back to that whole “Self Exploration” theme this year!



Nothing big to keep your eye out for 😉 Enjoy!



3: Uranus Retrograde until 2 January 2018. Your knack for creativity or invention might be put to a test. Don’t let this fool you- you still got it!

7: Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Once again the Universe is putting you in the position of being able to explore the shadows surrounding your spirituality. What is it that makes you fly? What is it that holds you back?

12: Mercury Retrograde until 5 September. This is the third of four Mercury Retrogrades this year. The one that preempts this one happens completely within the same time frame as when Saturn is retrograde, while this one will occur with half of the retrograde coinciding with that of Saturn Retrograde, and the other half will continue after Saturn goes direct. This could potentially be the most fruitful of the Mercury Retrogrades this year, as the first half will create the container for working within the shadows of the Self, and the second half will be a fluid motion towards working within the shadows of our closest interpersonal relationships, as well as relationship to community, to society, and to the rest of the globe.

21: Solar Eclipse in Leo. In February we had a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. While the Lunar Eclipse helps us to focus more on our emotional shadows surrounding our ferocity, bravery, showmanship, and ego, the Solar Eclipse will help us to zero in on the shadows surrounding our personalities in these areas, rather than the sole emotions. We will be given the room to look at ourselves as a whole personality, and how we relate to others- how do they see us? How do we see ourselves? How do we want to be seen?

25: Saturn Direct. Spirit is back on track and out of (as much) question as it may have been since it went retrograde a few months prior. Get ready to astral travel and celebrate it! Those of you in your Saturn Return, get ready to get back to the grind of your soular work, and good luck, loves!



5: Mercury Direct. Communication is nice and clear for a few months- enjoy it! This is your nice break.

28: Pluto Direct. Generational gaps may once again start to close. Spirituality will start to be more aligned amongst the human race as a whole. We will have worked through a lot of our lessons in the area of spirit and will be feeling a lot freer and more willing to speak through our wants and needs in this area with others.



Nothing to mind 😉



22: Neptune goes direct. After Pluto went direct in September, Neptune is next to follow in opening the spiritual floodgates once again. Keep reaching for your Higher Self and basking in it. Some huge weights will have been lifted off of your shoulders between these two events, and you will begin to feel a lot clearer in your purpose on this planet, as well as more solid in your morals, your belief system, and your spirituality.



  3: Mercury Retrograde until 22 December. You know the drill. This is the last of the four MR’s this year- make of it what you can. Slow down. Breathe. Feel into your environment. Be mindful. Be compassionate towards yourself and others.

22: Mercury Direct. Home free! The rest of the year is smooth sailing from here, and the tension will also start to part more and more as we get closer to 2018 when Uranus will go Direct on the 2nd of January.


*Please remember that this is solely an outline of the year, and my own intuition on the year. When it comes to you and your life, your intuition is much more important than mine, just like my intuition is much more important to my life than yours is. If you feel that something I wrote does not ring true for you, then it probably doesn’t. Just because I have a career in this type of thing does not give me precedence or word over your intuition. Listen to your gut and do what you need to do!


Sending so much love and luck in this New Year of 2017!! May it be fruitful and joyous, and may you be surrounded by love. May your path guide you through many journeys to be able to fully explore the Magician, the Child, and the Fresh Start in you.


As Always,

xx RLG ❤

How Our Country and Our World Came to THIS, and How We Can Rise Up

How Our Country and Our World Came to THIS, and How We Can Rise Up

By Rachel Leah Gerson

Photography by: Brooke Rosenblum Photography http://www.brookerosenblum.com

Now is our time.Our time to shine.

Our time to shine.

Our time to step up and share who we are- as individuals, as psychics, as healers, as lovers- with the world.


Our country and our world have flipped to the shadow side. Perhaps that is why Brexit happened. Perhaps that is why Isis is happening. Perhaps that is why Trump was voted into office. The world is turning and churning, the scales of darkness and light flipping back and forth and on top of themselves and rolling around like maggots in a treehouse.


Many people are scared right now, and that is okay. I, myself, was very fearful yesterday and the day before, and even a little bit today. But now, I am excited- let me tell you why.


I am excited because all of this ugly underbelly of our society has been drudged up: the racism, the misogyny, the homophobia, the anti-Muslim agenda, and so much more. Am I excited because these things are happening? No. Absolutely not. I am excited because you can’t weed a garden until the weeds sprout up. You cannot take out what is not seen. All of this racism and sexism and everything else was already here- it was just hidden in the shadows; hidden under the surface, bubbling and simmering away. These events have only been the spotlight and the “permission’’ for these feelings and thoughts and ideals to come out from under the surface and be illuminated.


When all of these events started happening (Isis, Brexit, Trump, etc.), I was first shocked. But looking back on the astrology and numerology of this year, it all begins to make perfect sense to me.


Astrologically, we have been forced, all year, to look at the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves. Not only have we had a several Mercury Retrogrades this year (the change of route on the planet that manages our communication and technology skills), but we have had several eclipses- both lunar (emotions) and solar (personality)- within a span of a few months. Two of these eclipses fell on equinoxes, which represent the balance between light and dark. We also had a Black Moon in September on one side of the world and in October on the other side, which presented two darknesses through which we had to navigate in one month.


To contrast the dark, we also have three full super moons in a row- a very rare ordeal (there are usually only one or two in a year, and they are rarely close together). The first was last month’s October full moon in Aries, which brought about the fire and the light to illuminate our shadows, and burn what no longer served us. On Monday evening, 14 November, we will not only have the largest super moon of the three, but also the closest moon to earth (making it the largest appearing) in almost 70 years! A super moon this close is not due to appear again for another 15 years, or so. This next one will be in Taurus, giving us the grounding energy we need for our high emotions- emotions that run even higher with the tides, and with the fullness of the moon. The closer the moon is to earth, the more we are effected! The December full supermoon will be in Gemini, just soon enough to end the year with a light flight that will bring us out of the heaviness of 2016 and into the new year.

In addition to all of this, the planets have been doing crazy stuff! In January we had Jupiter Retrograde, putting our finances and jobs out of whack. In March, Saturn went retrograde, putting societal responsibilities and social limitations out of whack. After that we had Mars (how we communicate in conflict), Pluto (generational sense of purpose), Neptune (spirituality and enlightenment), and Uranus (rebelliousness towards innovation and progress) all go into retrograde. Then all went direct but Neptune and Uranus.


In other words, all of the planets turned our rocks over to expose the dirt underneath them, and when they flipped back over- back on top of our dirt- we could no longer ignore what was underneath them. All of this effected us as individuals, and as a society! So that dark underbelly was exposed and brought out- the weeds turned from seeds to grown- and now we see it all in its full, monstrous spotlight.


It’s interesting that the only two planets that are still in retrograde are Neptune (until 19 November, just after our lovely grounding supermoon), and Uranus (until 29 December, just after our lovely, airy supermoon). I say this is interesting because our spirituality will continue to be looked at through magnifiers until probably a week or two after Neptune goes direct toward the end of the month. We will be forced to question who we are, why we’re here, what we truly believe in, our morals and values, and our own personal power as divine and enlightened human beings. Many people could come to have some large spiritual awakenings in the next few weeks, if they haven’t already in the last few months. This will especially be heightened with the coming of this month’s oh-so-close moon, but in a balanced and grounded way that we as individuals, and as a society are hurting for at this point in time (balance and grounding).


In addition, Uranus’s rebelliousness factor is flipped until the end of the year- juuuust before our year changes, numerologically, from a 9 to a 1 (which I will explain, momentarily). This could manifest in a few different ways 1) the rebelliousness that the White Male Supremacy America represents could stay in place until the end of the year before it simply dies down or there is a large awakening of some sort; 2) The rebelliousness within the people against the WMSA movement will continue to come out from under the rock in an even stronger fashion until it is no longer needed after the end of the year; 3) Both forms of rebelliousness could come out to play against each other until one of them concedes or is close to eradicated, or until they come to a mutual agreement and understanding of one another. 4) With Neptune going direct, there might potentially be enough spiritual awakening to start an even newer revolution! This full December moon might give even more way to this, as our grounding energy from the November full moon is met with the loftiness of the not-as-close (but still really freaking close) Gemini full moon.


In terms of the numerology, we are in a 9 year, this year. 2+0+1+6= 9. This means that we are at the end of a cycle before we start again at 1. 9 represents endings. Sorting through all of your baggage to figure out what you want to keep or what you want to give away, or even maybe what you want to keep in a different area of your life than it was, before. 9 is about shedding skin. It’s about emerging a newer and better version of yourself. It’s about watching your old self- your old thoughts, patterns, and dislikes- melt away with a gratitude for the lessons you might have learned from them, however harshly. That is also what we are doing in our world, and in our country right now. Many of us have been feeling this on both levels- as the collective and as the individual, and the energy has been really intense! Not to mention, this build-up with the election… The election takes place in November. November is an 11. 11’s are portals- Doorways. So we have stepped through that portal in our 9 year, and now we have to figure out what we want or need to shed, and what we are willing to put up with, because next year we will have the opportunity to start over fresh, and new, as 1’s (2+0+1+7=10. 1+0= 1). Yes, Trump takes office in 2017, BUT, before that happens, we have the right to decide what we will and won’t put up with at that time, and how we will meet the bigotry.


So now we have to decide.

Do we want to lead with fear, or do we want to lead with love?

Do we want to fight our shadows, or live through them and learn to send them love so that they- and we- can heal?


All of these crazy world events have paved the way.

They have paved the way for ill-will, death, violence, tumbling economies, tumbling cultures and countries and democracies.

But they have also paved the way for Chance. A chance to love. A chance to band together. A chance to face our shadows- to bring them into the light where they cannot hide, and to pierce their hearts with the strength of our own.


Now is our time to step in.

To step up.

To live life and conquer life as our truest selves.

To live in the light where everything can be seen, where we cannot hide, where fear cannot, does not, and will not drive us.

Now is our time to step into ourselves and love.